I possibly Zoned out for a while there…

One of the key things I have learned as a new blogger is that to sustain a successful blog, you actually have to write stuff. So here I go again, attempting to be helpful to people in ministry in my Presbytery and hopefully further afield.

This Blog will not be about Presbytery Zones forever.

But I do want to follow up last time, to say that getting around the new Presbytery’s six regions and talking with lay leaders and ministers about your hopes and expectations for the Sydney Central Coast has been an encouraging and inspiring time. We have had some challenging conversations about how congregations can and should work together, about where the impetus for change and for mission come from, about the nature of hierarchy and collegiality, and which church has a secret colour photocopier. Many helpful remarks on the draft proposals will enable me to clarify and simplify our Zone Policies for the Presbytery meeting to approve on October 26. Thanks! Then the work begins of developing our ethos of mutual local support and engagement in mission and ministry. The other benefit is that I have met a whole lot of new people, key to our life as a church, in the former Kuring-gai regions. Some of them turned out to be quite nice, too.

Because this is a key project for the effective working of the new Presbytery, I can’t promise that this will be my last blog on the subject. However I am looking forward to working more on the ministry content than on the form.

The (real) role of the Presbytery Minister

According to my new Position Description, I am there “to encourage and assist ministers towards effective ministry practice in their placement and the wider church.” There are other dot points which spell out some specific ways to do that, but this is the line I like most. I want to be able to encourage all our ministry agents to be the best ministers you can be, in the face of every challenge or discouragement—and there are plenty. I want to find encouraging signs in our churches to share around—and even just in the Zone conversations, I found a surprising number of these as well. I want to assist you, alongside your supervisor and your mentor and your Church Council chairperson, to be effective in ministry; which will mean good conversation, and theologizing the world we live in now, and trying out new things, and sharing ideas I got from the last Rev I had coffee with. I am trying to gather and develop new tools and resources for ministry, and I am very interested to hear from you the ways you monitor, reflect upon, and improve your own ministry performance and where and how it becomes excellence.

Like all pastors, I will try to respond when I hear of immediate issues, but the Presbytery has not issued me with a crystal ball. Please call me if I haven’t called you, and you feel like some pastoral ministry conversaton would help.

Oh, and help me out – if you would like to get me writing about some other stuff, post me some burning questions.


One thought on “I possibly Zoned out for a while there…

  1. For me this will be a helpful format for being able to get an up-to-date snapshot of challenges, initiatives etc from the PRC Ministry perspective


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