Moving from Motherhood to Mission

We’re Gathering gosfordin Gosford!

Possibly not everyone in church gets as excited as I do at the thought of a coming Presbytery Council Meeting. Granted, it’s probably different when the Presbytery pays your stipend. But as the second ordinary meeting of the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery looms, I believe this could be a gathering that could be quite extraordinary.

The Presbytery will gather at Gosford Uniting Church next Wednesday evening, October 26, from 6pm for Central Coast hospitality and a 7pm start. After our joyous beginning in June, the full meeting in July felt like a bit of an anti-climax—we had to pass our ‘supply bills’, elect our workers, delegate and authorise—necessary but tedious.

This time will be very different. We will worship together. We will meet at tables, not in pews, so we can discuss, share, listen as we said we would. All reports will be received as read (which means you are supposed to read them). There will be no budget update as the Treasurer is on holidays. The long Governance paper will be distributed for your scrutiny but will be adopted in the consent agenda (governance-minded types are encouraged to discuss it with the SC outside of Presbytery Council hours.)

We will instead focus on our Vision and Values statement and discuss how to take that from Motherhood to Mission. We will adopt our Policy on working together in Zones, and talk together about how to get local life, ministry and mission moving. We will hear from some of our young adult members about their experience at National Young Adult Leadership Conference, supported financially by the Presbytery, and how that led on to serving the church in an unexpected way. We will consider a request for an extension of ministry, and celebrate the readiness of one of our candidates to begin to seek God’s call into the Ministry of the Word. We will hear some fresh approaches being taken in one of our Zones to revive ministry to youth and young people and consider how each of our Zones is rising to that challenge.

We will celebrate where life is emerging, and we may mourn a little with others’ loss and grief.

If the angels of technology are on our side, we may even launch the SCC Website.

All of which is worth Gathering in Gosford for. Stay tuned for your invitation and papers, pray for your Presbytery friends, and come prepared for something extraordinary.

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